Traci Runge: Woman of Hope

This year, St.Vincent has launched a new initiative called Women of Hope. The idea behind it is simple: Ordinary people rallying behind the fight against cancer, raising money, hope and awareness, all to support cancer patients and families through survivor initiatives and programs.

Traci Runge is a shining example of the kind of person Women of Hope exists to support. A mother of three, Traci was diagnosed with triple-positive invasive breast cancer last April. She was treated at St.Vincent Cancer Care, finished chemotherapy last month, and is now participating in the survivorship programs Women of Hope helps fund. Traci also had the support of a patient navigator throughout her treatment at St.Vincent — another program supported by Women of Hope.

What makes Traci’s story so remarkable, though, is her unique strength. Not satisfied to fight merely for her own survival, Traci has fully embraced the role of breast cancer advocate, contributing to the fight against breast cancer in a way that, quite literally, no one ever had before her.

In short, Traci Runge is a true Woman of Hope. To learn more about her incredible story, watch the below video, brought to you exclusively by St.Vincent Cancer Care and Women of Hope:

Become a part of Women of Hope.

1. Register as a Woman of Hope. Members of the Women of Hope agree to raise or give $1,000 annually by October 1, 2011. Money can be raised by letters and emails to friends, garage sales, jewelry parties — whatever method you choose! A one-day, 15-mile Women of Hope Walk is planned for Saturday, October 1, 2011. See additional details below.

2. Register for the Walk of Hope,a 3- or 1-mile walk on October 1 at Coxhall Gardens in Carmel. Proceeds will benefit St.Vincent cancer programs. Click here to register.

3. Attend the Village of Hope, which will be held in conjunction with the Walk of Hope events on October 1. Activities include health booths, screenings, pedicures, manicures, massages, shopping, kid’s zone and more!

4. Volunteer to help at the Walk of Hope and in the Village of Hope on October 1! Click here for more details.

Read more about Traci.

Traci’s story has been covered extensively in the local media and other places. Click below to read more about her amazing journey.

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