Amanda’s fight against cancer has an unexpected, happy ending.

Head and neck cancer is being diagnosed in the United States at an increasingly high rate. And within the next decade, it’s predicted that these types of cancers will be even more prevalent than cervical cancer.

When Amanda Nash learned she had stage four cancer upon returning from a trip to Africa, it came as quite a shock. But she had just gotten engaged, and she had no plans to die on her new fiancé. So Amanda came to St.Vincent and saw Drs. Tod Huntley and Ed Krowiak from CENTA (Center for Ear Nose Throat & Allergy) for cancer treatment—and at the end of her treatment cycle, she got an amazing surprise that would change her life forever.

Learn more about Amanda’s story by watching the video above. And for more information about head and neck cancer treatment at St.Vincent, call 317-338-4YOU.

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