St.Vincent: Leading the Fight Against
Head and Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancers – which involve the voice box, throat, mouth and lips, nose, sinuses and salivary glands – make up three to five percentof all cancers in the United States, with 50,000-60,000 new cases annually. In recent years, the numbers have been rising, especially with an increased incidence of human papilloma virus.

At St.Vincent Cancer Care, a world-class team of physicians from various specialties work together to detect head and neck cancer early, and treat it successfully. Find out more about the disease, and how St.Vincent Cancer Care is fighting it, below.

The Facts About Head and Neck Cancer.

Physician Tod Huntley explains the risk factors and symptoms of head and neck cancer, the importance of early detection, and how it can be treated successfully. Click here.

Groundbreaking Surgical Techniques.

The da Vinci surgical system has revolutionized surgery for treating some head and neck cancers, reducing pain, recovery time and incision sizes. Click here to read about how St.Vincent doctors were first in Indiana to use the system.

Watch the da Vinci Robot in Action.

Watch a video of the da Vinci robot in action, and meet the St.Vincent surgeons who operate it here and here.

Learn More about Head and Neck Cancer Care at St.Vincent.

St.Vincent has a dedicated inpatient unit with a skilled staff to ensure the highest quality care for patients with cancers of the head and neck. Learn more about the care we provide.